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Born and Bred ~ A Yorkshire Family presents the results of my research into my own family tree, the Richardson family, and that of my wife's, the Claybrough family. Both families have lived in the Yorkshire area for the last ten generations. The majority of the information presented here is on those two family names; however, this site also contains details of the various other families that have become linked in one way or another to our families.

I first created this site towards the end of 2004 to present the information I had discovered on my family tree and also in the hope of contacting people who might be able to help me in my research.

Over the last 18 years it has undergone a number of major facelifts, along with changes to the way it all works, with the latest major change to the site taking place towards the end of 2023 and into early 2024. For those of you who have been visiting my site throughout the years I hope you like the latest changes.

As always, I am continuing to update the information on the site and add new information as and when I find it, and more importantly, when I get the time to do so. I will endeavour to post details of any changes on the News page, so check back often.

Finally, I hope that you find the information contained within this site both interesting and useful. If you think we may have a tie up between our families, or if you come across any information on this site that you think is not quite correct, then please contact me, I would love to hear from you.


Below you will find details on what I am currently researching and the information I most want. Please take a look through and if you can provide me with any information or help me in any way with my research, then please contact me.

I would really like to find out a little bit more about my great-grandfather, Richard Firkin.

However, I have so far been unable to track down any photographs of him. I know they existed and would really love to see what he looked like.

All the information I have on him can be seen on the here. Any help or additional information would be much appreciated.

My late father-in-law, Ken Claybrough, was supposedly a distant cousin to Alan Titchmarsh (of gardening fame).

Ken's aunt, Doris Claybrough, married Thomas Henry Titchmarsh in 1921, and this is supposedly where the possible connection comes from that links Ken to Alan.

However, so far I have not managed to establish a link, if there is anybody out there who could confirm or deny this relationship I would love to hear from you.

About Me

A photo of Mark Richardson, the author of this site

The author of this site

A photo of Mark Richardson, the author of this site

The first time I did anything with my family history was when I helped my father put together the story of his parents life for their Golden Anniversary back in 1986. I then promptly forgot about it for a number of years. It wasn't until the end of 2002, when both my grandfathers had, by then, sadly died, that I once again got interested in tracing my family history and since then it has become an overwhelming passion.

As previously mentioned, I have been actively researching my family history since 2002 and have traced my paternal line back to the mid 1700s. I am currently trying to put the 'story' into the family history of some of my ancestors by bringing together the information I have discovered and placing it in the context of the times they lived in.

I used to work as a software developer producing a wide range of computer programs and web sites, however, I was lucky enough to be able to retire in June 2020, something I don't regret at all. I am married and live with my wife in the North Yorkshire village of Church Fenton. We have three children, but they have now either flown the nest or are at university, so home is a little quieter these days.

Mark R