I have now taken the decision to display all living individuals in my family tree in order to allow people to search and navigate the tree more easily. However, for those individuals who are still living, or those who are deemed to be potentially still alive (because I don't have any death details and their date of birth indicates they are less than 100 years old), I have removed all date information.

If you really would like to obtain further information on one of these individuals for your own family tree, then you should contact me directly via the Contact me page indicating the information you would like and why and I will do my best to supply it to you.

Mark Richardson


Over the last few weeks I've been ploughing through the 1921 Census and the 1939 Register and been able to add a number of new individuals to my family tree as well as clarify various dates and improve the quality of my sources.

There are now 1023 individuals on this site and 300 familiy groups. In the coming months I am hoping to add a couple of new features to the site to indicate the quality of the information I have on an individual. I am also hoping to add more information on places, occupations and the stories of the individuals in my family tree.

As ever, if you think I have something wrong, or you can provide more information on any of the individuals on this site, please get in touch.

Mark Richardson


Well, it's been a long time since I last updated this site. I've now retired and so should have more time to work on my family history. I've now updated the site ... more individuals (all of them living so you won't see their full details - just names) and updated those who have sadly died.

There are now 890 individuals on this site and 247 familiy groups. More updates to come in due course once I get down to work.

Mark Richardson


I've notticed a few problems with various pages of information on my site over the past week. This was down to an upgrading of the web hosting and has now been fixed. My appologies for any problems caused.

Mark Richardson


Over the Christmas period I managed to update my family tree with the results of my recent research. This has resulted in fourteen new named individuals being added to my tree, plus three where I don't know their full names. I've also been sent a photograph of Richard Firkin, my great great great grandfather, many thanks to Margaret Firkin for that.

Here then is the list of new people (full names only) added to the site: Sarah Claybrough, Edward Claybrough, Caroline Claybrough, Mary Jane Charlesworth, Joseph Charlesworth, Herbert C. Stead, Harriet Lunn, Hilda Knee, Henry Knee, John William Smith, Doris Smith, Harry Smith, William Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor.

Mark Richardson


A few years back, I found an entry in the 1851 census indicating that one of my ancestors, Peter Richardson, was in Wakefield Gaol. Intrigued I tried to find out more about why he was in Gaol and what became of him. After almost 18 month of intermittent research I have managed to put together his story, I hope you find it interesting.

Mark Richardson


I've been looking through my old photographs and found a few (eight to be precise), that I had not previously uploaded to the site. Some of them are not all that great quality wise, but I guess any photograph is better than none. I just wish I had more pictures of the various individuals in my family tree.

The photographs are of: Alice Tiffany, Ethel May Tiffany, Stephen Mews, Joseph Ward, Sarah Emma Tiffany, Rachel Elizabeth Nicolle, Rosalie Louise Percevaux and Sarah Ellen Smith.

Mark Richardson


Well, I've finally launched the latest re-design of my family history web site Born and Bred ~ A Yorkshire Family. I've been working on the re-design on and off, throughout most of 2010. The main reason for the re-design was that I thought the previous design, although it looked great, was just too limiting in what information it could display and more importantly too much work to maintain.

Hopefully, this new site resolves these issues. At this moment in time there are 850 individuals on the site, plus a lot more detailed information on certain individuals. There is also a new section on occupations that my ancestors did for a living, I hope to expand on this in time. Finally, I've added a search facility to allow you to quickly go to a desired individual rather than scrolling through page after page of information.

The site contains all the latest information I have. With the approach of winter and the long dark nights, it will soon be back to tracking down more information, all of which will eventually get published here. I hope you like the new site and find it useful.

Mark Richardson