About Me

About Me

Welcome to my family history web site, Born and Bred ~ A Yorkshire Family.

The author of this site

It was put together towards the end of 2004 to present information on my family tree that may be of use to others who are researching any of the families contained within this site.

Round about the middle of 2005 I decided to give the site a major facelift and changed how it all worked. In 2010 the site underwent another major redesign, with a new look and feel and more information, I hope you like the changes.

The first time I did anything with my family history was when I helped my father put together the story of his parents life for their Golden Anniversary back in 1986. I then promptly forgot about it for a number of years. It wasn't until the end of 2002, when both my grandfathers had died that I once again got interested in tracing my family history and since then it has become an overwhelming passion.

As previously mentioned, I have been actively researching my family history since 2002 and have traced my paternal line back to the mid 1700s. I am currently trying to put the 'story' into the family history of some of my ancestors by bringing together the information I have discovered and placing it in the context of the times they lived in.

When I'm not researching my family history, I work as a software developer producing a wide range of computer programs and web sites. I am married and live with my wife and three children in the North Yorkshire village of Church Fenton.