Born and Bred

Born and Bred ~ A Yorkshire Family presents the results of my research into my own family tree, the Richardson family, and that of my wife's, the Claybrough family. Both families have lived in the Yorkshire area for the last ten generations. The majority of the information presented here is on those two family names; however, this site also contains details of the various other families that have become linked in one way or another to our families.

I first created this site towards the end of 2004 to present the information I had discovered on my family tree and also in the hope of contacting people who might be able to help me in my research.

Round about the middle of 2005 I decided to give the site a major facelift and changed how it all worked. Throughout 2010 the site underwent another major redesign, with a new look and feel and more information, I hope you like the changes. There are further changes planned, so keep dropping by and check out the News page for details of what's changed.

I hope that you like the site and find the information contained within it both interesting and useful. If you think we may have a tie up between our families, or if you come across any information on this site that you think is not quite correct, then please contact me, I would love to hear from you.

Mark Richardson